The MATTRA Group is among the world’s leading companies in the candle industry, producing several million products a year. The MATTRA Group is a leading European manufacturer of paraffin, oil, long-burning, eco-oil, bio-paraffin, oil-paraffin, candle, recycling, candles, plastic, bottle and tube packaging. Products manufactured in our plants find their customers throughout Europe. Our assortment includes about 500 types and types of products.

The MATTRA Group combines the good traditions of the candle industry in Poland and innovative technological solutions, implemented at the forefront of the CEO, the main technologist of chemical processes, a graduate of the Bydgoszcz University of Technology. The MATTRA Group currently includes several entities responsible for the distribution of our products throughout Europe, including two production plants.

MATTRA Polska was established on December 1, 2012 as an industrial company, located its production in two provinces in Poland, under the watchful eye of qualified engineering staff. The logistics center is located in the commune of Tłuchowo (Poland), and the Customer Service Office is located in the center of Bydgoszcz (Poland).

We invite you to contact our representatives who will help you introduce commercial solutions for your business, developing sales of both flower shops, small businesses and implementing solutions for retail chains or e-commerce sellers. We provide professional customer service, fast delivery times, loyalty discounts and high quality of our products. Feel free to contact us.

Mariusz Podolski | CEO

MATTRA candle refills
Among the available refills for candles, we can distinguish oil refills for candles „Time of Remembrance”, „Candles premium” oil refills, „bioecoil” oil refills and long-burning refills „Candles premium”, and among the paraffin refills, we will find „MATTRA” paraffin refills, paraffin refills „bioecoil” and paraffin inserts „MATTRA Light”

Paraffin inserts for candles
Paraffin inserts contain 100% of the highest quality paraffin, they are designed to be fired all year round, especially in the summer, when the temperature in the torch is very high as a result of high insolation. MATTRA paraffin inserts are characterized by a large and bright flame, they burn out properly even with moderate wind, not intense rain or high insolation. MATTRA paraffin refills with guaranteed burning time are a combination of tradition and innovative technological solutions, which are produced with care for the environment. The optimal firing temperature for paraffin inserts ranges from -10’C to +35’C in the place where the inserts burn out. The temperatures given in the auction description refer to the temperatures felt at the place where the cartridge burns out. The photos posted on the auctions are for demonstration purposes, in reality the products may differ from the actual state in terms of the shade or the amount of brine, depending on the currently supplied raw materials. The information in the auction title has rounded values, detailed information can be found in the auction description.

Oil cartridges for candles
Oil cartridges for MATTRA grave lights contain the highest quality oil composition, which includes paraffin, hardened and unhardened vegetable oils and additives that improve burning. Oil candle inserts are characterized by an extended burning time compared to paraffin inserts. Burning time depends on weather conditions (e.g. temperature, wind strength) The candle insert is intended for external use in lanterns and candles, please follow the rules of burning candle inserts from the symbols attached to the label. Oil cartridges for MATTRA grave lights have two mixtures recommended by the MATTRA manufacturer. Therefore, we distinguish the autumn-winter-spring oil composition for firing at -20’C to +20’C, which is sold from September 1 to February 28, and the spring-summer-autumn oil composition for firing at – 10’C to +30’C, which is sold from March 1 to August 31. The temperatures given in the auction description refer to the temperatures felt at the place where the cartridge burns out. The photos posted on the auctions are for demonstration purposes, in reality the products may differ from the actual state in terms of the shade or the amount of brine, depending on the currently supplied raw materials.

Which cartridges to choose, oil or paraffin?
When choosing a contribution to the candle, first of all, pay attention to its height. A well-chosen cartridge should not protrude above the glass. At the same time, it cannot be too low either. In the first case, the edges of the insert will cover the holes in the cap, limiting or blocking the oxygen supply, in the second case, the candle from the inside may be unsightly sooted. We sell both large grave candles and small grave candles, high grave candles and low grave candles, wide grave candles and narrow grave candles, therefore everyone can freely adjust the grave candles, which will perfectly match the size of your candles. Which candle inserts to choose?
Paraffin inserts are made of paraffins with high melting points, so they are especially recommended in the summer. In addition, their shape allows free air flow to the flame, which accelerates the combustion process, while facilitating the process of proper combustion even at high temperatures, e.g. on a sunny summer day in a candle glass.
Oil cartridges are characterized by an extended burning time, thanks to the addition of oil compositions, which, by extending the combustion process, make the burning times of oil cartridges of the same size and weight much longer. However, at high temperatures and high insolation, we suggest choosing paraffin inserts.

How to properly burn candles?
Proper burning of candle inserts depends on a few basic rules. The inserts should be burned outside, in a properly selected gravelight glass. Before lighting the cartridge, straighten the wick by burning its tip. During burning, you should not move the grave lights, contaminate the burning surface and, above all, remember to straighten the insert in the grave lights and place it properly so that it stands stably in the glass.

The most common causes of candle inserts not burning out?
If the MATTRA candle inserts went out during burning, the most common reason for this may be two reasons. The first is the wind, which will simply blow out the flame. If the tip of the wick has not been damaged, re-lighting the wick should continue the proper burning of the candle inserts. Rain is the second most common cause of non-burning candle inserts. It is quite common for grave lights manufacturers to make a flat grave light casing, which, during rainfall, splashes water drops, contaminating the combustible surface of candle inserts. During such a process, the amount of water in the combustible surface will extinguish the flame, which cannot be ignited again, and attempts to ignite the candle insert are accompanied by a characteristic „shooting”, similar to when drops of water hit a heated pan with oil.

Original tubes for candles MATTRA Plastica.
MATTRA® gravelight inserts have original tubes, largely made of recycled material. An important feature of the product is the aesthetics of workmanship, because they are characterized by eye-pleasing lines and solid workmanship. The tubes are characterized by increased resistance to high temperatures during the burning of candle inserts.

Flooded candle inserts
Our online store offers high-quality flooded candle inserts. The cartridges we offer burn evenly to the very end, which is equally important – they do not smoke. Another advantage of them is the fact that they are odorless, do not contain additional waste, such as animal tallow. Thanks to the above-mentioned features, even if you stand in the vicinity of a candle filled with such an insert, you will not be distracted by the smell or smoke. Let the memory time spent at the grave of a loved one pass in thought and reflection, and the flame smoldering in the candle symbolizes our memory of loved ones.

White and red candle refills
If you are looking for universal inserts that will go well with both simple, thoroughly classic, as well as with decorative and eye-catching grave candles, it is worth choosing white candle inserts or red MATTRA candle inserts. Thanks to the fact that refills in various sizes are available on our website, everyone can find here those that will match the model of the grave candle and its size.

Manufacturer of candle inserts MATTRA
The hallmark of MATTRA® candle inserts is a long burning time, an even and bright flame, and the purity of burning. This is because the cartridges are made of the highest quality paraffin with a repeatable composition and high melting temperatures.
MATTRA® candle inserts are characterized by high repeatability of quality in various weather conditions, which makes them perfect not only on days such as: All Saints Day, Christmas or Easter, but also in all other circumstances and seasons.
A real flame of candles is a real Time of Remembrance of our loved ones.

MATTRA candle inserts – where to buy?
If you are an individual customer, we invite you to do retail shopping in our online store, which you can also find under the domain, and for shopping in all stores of our partners.
If you are a customer running a business, we invite you to register at and join our mattraPRO program, thanks to which you will receive a permanent 10% discount, dedicated customer service, access to purchase history, and free delivery to your business throughout Europe.